About & The Heats


About the race

The HOOD to COAST Bible-Revival race is a relay race that stretches across 100 kilometres, passing through breathtaking views of the Judean mountains and plains, past vibrant villages, communities and places where the heroes of the Jewish people lived and operated since the days of the Bible till 1948.

The race was born out of love for running, nature, heritage, society and challenge.

In this race you will experience a beautiful region up close, and come across many carefully chosen sites. Mountains and valleys, paths and streams, cliffs and springs, past wide fields and across the plateau overlooking Israel's coastal plain.

Along the route you will run through places depicted in historical events - the Ayalon Valley and the Ella Valley from ancient biblical history, through the Burma Road, the Latrun area, and many outposts and battlefields dating back to Israel's War of Independence in 1948.


The race route passes through settlements where local residents will greet you at the aid stations, offer you food, water and other goodies, and cheer you on.
This year the race will take place between the dates 10-11.09.2020.
The race includes 1 of 4 heats for you to choose from:
  • The Ultra Race - including 100km or 52.2km heats. you can register HERE. click HERE for the ITRA details.
  • The Half Marathon - this is a special heat passing through local wineries including tasting the local product. this is an extremely fun race and you can register HERE
  • The Relay race - including 3/4/6 team runners racing across a 100km run. you can register HERE starting 1.6.2020
  • "YUDALE" The Folk race - including 2km and 5km heats. you can register HERE

for any question, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE